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Quartz Cuckoo Clock 12inch beer drinker music dancers
Engstler Schwarzwalduhren

$ 432.00 *

Nice Black Forest Cuckoo Clock Black Forest house with quartz movement and music (12 different Melodies). The dancers and the mill wheel are turning and the beer drinker lifts his beer stein to the music. The figures are hand carved and hand painted. Cuckoo call every half and full hour. Dial and bird are made of wood. With night shut off. All our Black Forest Cuckoo Clocks have 2 years guarantee. The cuckoo clock is 30cm / 12inch high without pendulum and weights. Made in Germany.

• Cuckoo Clock with quartz movement (battery)
• Cuckoo on the hour and half hour
• night shut off, music shut off
• beer drinker, mill wheel, dancers moves while music
• moveable cuckoo
• dial and cuckoo real wood
• partly hand-carved and hand painted
• height 30cm / 12inch
• made in the Black Forest

All quartz music cuckoo clocks have 12 melodies:
Bayrischer Ländler
Mühle im Schwarzwald
Fröhlicher Wanderer
Trink Brüderlein Trink
In München steht ein Hofbräuhaus
Für Elise
Home Sweet Home
Salut d’amour

Engstler Schwarzwalduhren Made in Germany

$ 432.00 *
)* including 19 % Tax excluding Shipping costs

Product No.: EN464QMT
Weight: 1.800 kg
Shipping time: 3-5 Working Days1 
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The quartz movement of the Cuckoo Clock must not be disposed of with household waste at the end of its service life! Hints for disposal.
Used batteries must not be disposed of with household waste! Hints for disposal.

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